Have a baby AND renovate a house? Piece of cake!

Plat goes splat May 4, 2007

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So that I am not accused again of paying attention only to the gestation part of the blog, I will give you another renovation update, just to keep it even.  I don’t know which is the more exciting, my uterus or my drywall.
Well, there was progress.  However, progress has since been halted.  I feel like I could broker peace in the Middle East faster than I can get a new kitchen.  Turns out that the general contractor we liked so much is not actually a general contractor, but rather a “project manager.”  So, somehow that means we can’t put him on the city permit.  So, now we have to find a new contractor.

Then, our architect was all ready to go to the city and start working on getting said permit, and came by our houst to get the “plat survey.”  “Plat,” I find, by the way, to be a very ugly word.  However, apparently these plats expire, and ours has, since we got it when we started the process, like 6 months ago.  I suppose it’s so you can’t say “But I have this survey from 1907.  Nothing has changed.  Really.”  When in reality you just built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in the backyard or something.  But jeez.  Like we need any more impediments to actually taking action.


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