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Turning a corner August 16, 2007

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As I was walking into work today, I had a startling realization.  Usually, when I walk by the Heineken billboard, I always suffer a pang of remorse — and thirst.  Today, however, the Heineken “draughtkeg” didn’t stir up regret — but what did give me panic was a billboard closeby:  The Radio Disney ad, with the omni-perky Hannah Montana smiling down maniacally, and the cast of High School Musical 2 with their jazz hands.  It’s the same feeling I get when I see people walk by the museum with their American Girl Doll bags.  Shudder.

At least Barney has fallen from favor.


One Response to “Turning a corner”

  1. ann Says:

    Oh, hon. Barney is still in, trust me. And just wait until you meet Dora the Explorer – my 3 year old nephew’s current obsession.

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