Have a baby AND renovate a house? Piece of cake!

One more thing to worry about October 2, 2007

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As I was walking through Lincoln Square the other day, I saw a flier taped up advertising that some people had lost their camera at Germanfest, and were offering a reward to get it back.  Apparently, this camera had photos of their newborn baby, the day he was born.  As if it’s not enough to worry about that I will lose the kid at the grocery store, now I have to worry about all the paraphernalia, as well.  Binkies, blankies, photos,  birth certificates, favorite stuffed animals, etc.  It seems like a good time to convert to Buddhism and try to lose my attachments, and teach the kid the same (“I’m sorry I lost Mr. Tibbles, your favorite stuffed animal, but just think of it as a lesson in letting go of the ego, honey.”)

The kiddo is still breech, and is moving around a lot.  Just not in the direction that one might hope.  One week from today, I’ll go in for the version and see what happens.  I just hope it doesn’t send me into labor — I want to have this baby at the new Prentice Women’s Hospital!  There are 42″ flat screen TVs, I hear, and room service, and every room has a view.  Now we just have to time it right, so that Joe can watch the Bears game on the fancy TV….


One Response to “One more thing to worry about”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Hey, I saw the news about the new Prentice. Hmmmm, maybe I should have a baby to have a little R&R there….wait a minute…..

    Sorry, lost my mind. It’s back now.

    Mother of Maddux, King of the Lab Mutts

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