Have a baby AND renovate a house? Piece of cake!

Jack Bauer and I… October 23, 2007

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Both have 24 hours before all hell breaks loose! But if you made a TV show of the last 24 hours leading up to my c-section, I don’t think it would get too many Neilsen households. Last night cnsisted of several crying jags over the course of a few hours, and my telling Joe that I had decided I didn’t really want a baby and could we just give it to some friends. And then I cried because I lost a recipe for chicken stew. I seem to be very inclined to feel terrible about myself over the smallest things — I told Joe that it seems to be just my psyche getting ready to feel constantly inadequate once the baby comes and I have no frigging clue what I’m doing.

Today I have been more stable, and have managed to remain tear-free so far. I’m a mixture of excitement and fear and denial (I’ll still watch the Penn State-OSU game this Saturday. Sure. With beer).

The phone has been ringing off the hook with well-wishes, which is great, but I’m just not up to it. I keep telling myself I’ll call people back, but I’m pretty sure I won’t.

And, people keep giving me helpful hints on getting the baby to turn. I know they’re being nice, but really, I am not going to do any of them. And, Joe said he’s glad he watched them do the version, so he could see how hard they were pushing to try nd get the kid turned around. He said that once he saw that, he realized that a few dips in the swimming pool or sitting in the curling cat pose wouldn’t have done much. And, whether that’s true or not, it’s too late now!

We go in tomorrow at 11:00, and the surgery is at 1pm. My best friend Julie just had her baby yesterday (congratultions Julie!), so now her little Luke will have a playmate soon.

There’s wireless in all the rooms at the hospital, so I’m hopeful I can keep you posted on everything soon. Keep us in your thoughts!


2 Responses to “Jack Bauer and I…”

  1. Christine M. Says:

    Good luck, Kelli! I’ll be thinking of you (and Joe, but mainly you!) tomorrow.

  2. sarah Says:

    appropriately enough, i have the date and time scheduled into my google calendar. so you KNOW i won’t forget.

    xxxoo. We’ll bring some chicken stew over, so no worries there.

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