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Darwin Jung-Nahm Kim! November 1, 2007

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da-bears.jpgBorn October 23, 2007 1:43 pm, 7lbs, 1oz.

So it IS worth it! Darwin is all the stuff that newborns are supposed to be — cute, funny, stressful, and a lot of work! I have to admit that when he was first born, I didn’t have that immediate “I can’t live without this little person” reaction. But, after only 8 days, I couldn’t imagine life without the little guy.

We had a difficult time picking his name, because we had been so sure it would be a girl (but were both secretly wishing for a boy). The delivery doctor said “It’s a…well, what do you think?” And Joe immediately said “Girl.” When the doctor said “It’s a boy!” Joe responded with “No way!” So, we waited a few days on the name. Darwin had been our frontrunner, but you know us — we have a little trouble pulling the trigger. It was hard to go from the theoretical (“we could call him…”) to the absolute (“His name will be, forever….). He was almost Julius, but Darwin won, and I’m glad. Neither set of parents like the name, and my dad tried to talk us out of it. He didn’t like it because he thought it was too unusual, and would get made fun of. He kept saying “Pick a name that HE will like and can live with.” Now, how am I supposed to know? But, Dad said that the name has really grown on him and he really likes it now, and is glad we didn’t let him talk us out of it. I think it helps that he’s talked to people who know other Darwins. Joe’s parents, however, said “There are so many nice names frm the Bible.” Sigh.

Actually, we got the idea for Darwin while watching a Bears game, and seeing the new Bears defensive player Darwin Walker. But, of course, if we had seen a new defensive player Adolph Walker, we wouldn’t have thought about naming the child that. So, while we can say we didn’t exactly name him after Charles Darwin, it sure didn’t hurt. The Chicago Bears and evolution are both causes we can rally behind.

As for Jung-Nahm, that is more complicated. It turns out that in Korea, for each family, each generation has a particular syllable that needs to be used in their name. So, for example, both Joe and his brother have the same one syllable in their middle names, combined with a different first syllable. That explains to me why, when we went to Korea , I couldn’t keep anyone straight. Was that just Tes-eun, or Teh-eun? Who knows. Everyone says Asians all look alike, but in Korea, the names all SOUND alike, which is very confusing. Anyway, “Jung” is the syllable for Darwin’s generation. So all of Joe’s brother’s kids have “Jung” in their name. Joe’s dad then had to go through the whole family tree to see what names had already been used (It seems there is a finite amount of second syllables to combine with the first. You got me). Many had already been taken, but we chose Jung-Nahm of the ones that hadn’t. As for what it means, your guess is as good as mine. I asked Joe, and he said “Don’t even worry about it. It was just what was left.” Poor Darwin. But, I guess a rose is a rose is a rose.

Sometimes I call him Duffy, for a very roundabout reason — after MacDuff, from Macbeth, who was born in a c-section and therefore was the only one who could kill Macbeth (“No man born of woman”). Something tells me that won’t stick, but its fun right now. A lot of stuff is fun, actually. The sleeping is a challenge, but it isnt’t unbearable yet, and Joe and I haven’t had a big sleep-deprivation-induced fight yet, so that’s good. But otherwise, it’s pretty fun to just hang out with a cute kid all the time, and it’s so great to have Joe home and spend so much time with him, too.

So, I guess I’ll throw away the receipt. We’re keeping him!


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