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My favorite face November 12, 2007

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Ooh!This is my favorite face that Darwin makes lately. I just can’t believe the hours of entertainment he provides! I think he looks just like Eddie Murphy when someone range the doorbell during “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood” on SNL. I can’t find a photo of that to compare, though.

Joe goes back to work tomorrow, which will be tough. He’s really been doing an awful lot around here. But, my mom will be in town, so that will be good. She’s never even seen our house, so I’m excited to take some walks around the neighborhood with her and just hang out. Hopefully we’ll get some time to just hang out.


One Response to “My favorite face”

  1. ann Says:

    There’s your Christmas photo! Or certainly the photo to put in one of those Baby’s First Christmas frame ornaments.

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