Have a baby AND renovate a house? Piece of cake!

Flitting and fluttering December 11, 2007

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2 DarwinsWe have been such social butterflies lately! It’s fun to take Darwin out and show him off. Our past week has looked like this:

Thursday – holiday open house at friend’s business
birthday party for a friend afterwards
Friday – Orthopedist appointment — no harness for 6 hours a day!
Darwin’s first bath
Darwin makes appearance at “Tequila night” — we leave by 9, Joe gets home at 2am
Saturday – We dine at the University Club where our friends host a holiday brunch
I have a grown up Indian food dinner with friends and leave Darwin with Joe
Sunday – We visit the Darwin exhibit at the Field Museum (thanks Christina!) (see photo)

Today, Darwin went to the doctor for shots and a lead test (no lead, hooray!), and I go to the doctor later today for my 6-week checkup. Tomorrow night I’ll leave Darwin with Joe and go to the church council meeting, then Wednesday I take Darwin to the Freedom Museum to show him off, and then Wednesday or Thursday night we go to Joe’s parents’ for dinner, and Friday I go to a girls night party and leave Joe I’d hate to be a disobedient wife…..), and then Saturday, Darwin and I fly east for 8 days to visit my family for Christmas. It’s so nice to get out and feel like we can still have a life, and we won’t do the baby disappearing act. But it’s also tiring. Being social always makes me tired, and on 4-5 hours of sleep, it’s even worse. I can’t imagine the kind of conversationalist I am right now, with a combination of no sleep, and talking to a baby all day every day. I think it must be a combination of slap happy non-sequiturs, yawns, distracted listening for cries, and an occasional “where’s your nose? THERE’S your nose” played with 35-year-olds. But, winter is here, and I know I’ll just stay cooped up a lot of days, so I want to make sure I feel like I’ve done something, at least. And when I visit my family, there’s really not much to do except watch The Price is Right, so I better be social now. I hope they have that little yodeling mountain climber game on The Price is Right while I’m there.


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