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Call me FloJo April 28, 2008

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Because I am a joiner.  I just signed Darwin up for “aquababies.”  I have no idea what aquababies is, but some lady at the park on Friday said that registration begins at 5am Monday, and it’s hard to get into, so of course I had to try.  I don’t even like swimming myself, or going to the pool, or the beach, so I don’t really know why I signed up to get Drwin involved, but I just thought that if everyone liked it so much, maybe I would, too.  And who knows, maybe I will.  But right now I feel quite silly.  And I have so many questions — what kind of diaper does a baby wear when said baby goes swimming?  Is chlorine bad for a tender baby’s skin?  How much videotape footage do we need of Darwin swimming?  Why in the world did I sign up for this class?

And, speaking of joining – who is this Jodi Picoult, and should I be reading her books?  I have seen about 7 people in the last 3 days on the el with books by her.  Am I missing something?  They do not look like good books at all, judging the book by its cover, and I must admit I get a guilty twinge of superiority when I pull out my William Faulkner.  But maybe there’s something to these airbrushed, misty covers and gold-leaf lettering.

I think I will only get peer-pressured into one thing this week, however, and stick with William Faulkner.  I can read it at the pool while Darwin swims laps.


One Response to “Call me FloJo”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hi there, my name is Sara and your blog was recommended to me by someone about 6 months ago, I read it all the time and think it is too funny. I run a swim club out in the suburbs and teaching babies to swim is my specialty! The class will be a blast, be aware though you may have to sing lots of bad songs (in my class I don’t do this because I hate it). His skin he will be fine, but putting on Aquaphor or Eucerin cream helps keeps it extra safe and works as a barrier. As for diapers the best thing is a swim diaper with a plastic pant over it. You can usually find these at Target. Believe me you don’t want to be the mom who’s baby has an accident and they have to close the pool. Have fun and bring extra towels!

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