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What my last 12 hours have been like. June 24, 2008

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9:30pm — I fold laundry and put it away, so that I can feel as though I have accomplished something for the day at least.
10:15 — I go to bed, excited for sleeping, with a lovely breeze coming in through the open windows.
10:20 — Teenagers begin cavorting across the street. Yelling, laughing, screaming and cursing ensues.
11:00 — I think I fall asleep.
2:15am — Someone (see “cavorting,” above) sets off a firework in the street.
2:45 — I go back to sleep.
3:20 — Leg cramp wakes me up. Cat is sleeping on my head. I stretch my legs and shoo cat away.
4:30 — Darwin wakes up, upset and crying heartily.
4:40 — I give in and get up to take a shower before getting Darwin up for the day.
4:50 — Darwin goes back to sleep while I am in the shower. Score! I lie down on the couch and go back to sleep myself.
6:00 — Darwin wakes up again, but this time less grumpy. I get up and wash some dishes, and start to finish getting ready, while he babbles and fusses a bit.
6:10 — I sleepily knock over the (metal) shaving cream can and the (metal) toothbrush holder, creating such a racket as to escalate Darwin’s urgency.
6:12 — I get Darwin up for the day.
6:14 — There is blood on Darwin’s onesie! Oh my god! Is he hurt?? It’s near the snaps — perhaps it is a horrifying penis malady! It’s all over my hand — oh, wait, it IS my hand. Apparently, in knocking over the shaving cream, my wedding ring somehow gouged my knuckle and I have now gotten blood all over Darwin’s (white) onesie and sleepsack.
6:15 — I finish changing squirmy Darwin while trying to hold a towel to my bleeding knuckle.
6:20 — My nipple begins bleeding during my morning pumping, while Darwin slurps away on the other boob.
6:30 — Darwin spits up every ounce of breastmilk ingested thus far, all over my outfit for the day, creating a pool in my lap that is slowly absorbed by my skirt. I sigh, and try to see if he’s still hungry.
6:40 — I stand up from nursing and almost take a digger when I slip on the puddle of spit up on the floor.
6:45 — Darwin goes back in his crib for some “quiet time” with a book and his mobile, while I put pumped milk in the freezer, finally finish getting ready and heat up a couple cubes of applesauce.
6:50 — In the hoopla, I wake up Joe late. He begins getting ready while Darwin and I play on the floor for a while.
7:00 — Still trying to feed Darwin, since he spit up everything. Now his mouth is bleeding! Oh, wait, that’s just my bloody nipple. I switch him to the other side.
7:15 — Joe finishes getting ready and comes to relieve me from Mom duty. I find a new outfit.
7:18 — I apply nipple cream to bloody nipple.
7:20 — I put on bloody wedding ring (on the wrong hand, since it won’t fit over my band-aid)
7:25 — I finally get out the door, 25 minutes late.
9:00 — I am sitting at my desk with a large (but not large enough) cup of coffee, feeling like I have already worked 8 hours.


2 Responses to “What my last 12 hours have been like.”

  1. sarah Says:

    oh lord. honey, i want to give you a big virtual high-five and say: sister, I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Some days are just insanely long. Me saying that it gets easier pretty fast probably doesn’t help, eh?

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