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Crossing the border October 2, 2008

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So, the border we crossed was from New Jersey to New York, but it’s a border nonetheless.  A few weekends ago, we visited Joe’s sister, her husband and their twins.  It was a whirwind trip — we arrived on Friday , saw a game at Shea on Saturday, a game at Yankee Stadium Sunday, and flew home Monday.  We had an awesome hotel room — 10 years ago I would have said it was a kickass party room.  It was a suite that was really a suite, with total separation between the living area, bedroom area and bathroom area.  It had a fridge, dishes in the cabinets, and a dishwasher.  It’s not 10 years ago, however, so I will now say it was a kickass baby sleeping room.

Darwin was so great the whole weekend.  He stayed for the whole game at Shea (his first complete game!  He Inspired Carlos Zambrano to his complete game a few days later, apparently), and was happy and giggly the whole time.  I nursed him right in the stands, because there weren’t many people (it was the first of a doubleheader because of a rain out the day before).  I leaned over to my brother-in-law, sitting beside me, and said “Block for me.”  I was more just warning him that I was TOB (Taking Out Boob).  But he took his job very seriously and leaned over and even put him arm around me.  So, there I was, with my boob out, my brother-in-law’s arm around me, sitting in Shea stadium.  I think as soon as he did it, we both got really uncomfortable, but didn’t quite know how to extricate ourselves.  At one point I made things even more uncomfortable, because I turned my head to say something to Joe, and my brother-in-law’s arm was right there, and out of force of habit, I kissed his arm.  It was a bit awkward.  And trying to have a conversation with your brother-in-law while he’s leaning in with his arm around you, and you are exposing your breast, is difficult, to say the least.  There was a lot of very pointed looking at the field, even when nothing was going on.

At Yankee Stadium, I got pretty excited about breastfeeding.  It was like 90 degrees and miserable, and we were all so sweaty and gross from the get go.  Joe had been so sweet, and emailed both parks ahead of time to see about where I could nurse.  Yankee Stadium said to come to customer relations and ask and they would get me fixed up.  So, I asked around when we got there, and the place they pointed me to was like a beautiful mirage.  The AC was blasting.  There was a sleek counter, a doorman, and people falling all over themselves to help you.  It seemed to be the place where people with the fancy expensive club boxes entered and got taken up in the secret elevator.  Sweet!  They told me to come back when I needed to nurse, and they’d take me to where I needed to go.  I could hardly wait, but I wanted to wait until I really needed to go and nurse (or really needed to go and get some AC).  So, I showed up around the 4th inning, excited to see the swanky nursing room they’d have for me.  A woman with a special pass took me on the special elevator, and took me to…..a dingy handicapped bathroom stall with a metal folding chair set up in it.  Very swanky.  It was kind of cool, because it was underground on the same level as the clubhouses for both teams, so you could see “behind the scenes.”  Then we went through the “press cafe,” where the reporters could hang out, and then through the newspaper reporting room (which was pretty empty), then into the women’s restroom.  I figure that there are so few newspaper reporters at the park now, and even fewer female newspaper sports reporters, that they decided that particular women’s restroom was the least used in the whole place.  I guess it was better than sitting in the stands and kissing my brother-in-law, but still.  We stayed 6 innings (still counts in the record books as an official game!), and walked out as they were singing the seventh inning stretch.  Even after no naps for 2 days, 90 degree heat and nursing in the accessible stall, Darwin was still patient while we took a zillion pictures everywhere and he even managed to almost smile in most of them.

Overall, though, it was a great trip.  I got to see my good friend Jen, who made a 2-hour train trip to meet us at Yankee Stadium and sweat our Jeters off, and she even came back to New Jersey with us even though it made for an even longer commute back.  Darwin made it through one complete game and 6 innings of the Yankee game.  He does seem to jinx first-place teams, however.  At the Cubs game we went to, the Cubs lost.  At the Mets game, the Mets lost.  Then, at the Yankees game, they played the Rays, and the Rays lost.  I should have taken him to a White Sox game this season!

Darwin at Yankee Stadium

Darwin at Yankee Stadium


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