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Costumes, costumes, everywhere November 3, 2008

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Darwin had a great last couple of weeks.  His first birthday was this month, and Halloween was fun, too.  For his birthday, he had a traditional Korean celebration.  He wore a traditional Korean costume, called a Hanbok, and sat at a big spread with some objects placed in front of him.  He then chose one of the objects, which supposedly will predict what he’ll be like the rest of his life.  I think he picked a computer mouse first, but apparently, people just keep letting you pick until you choose money.  Fine by me!

My parents were in town for the party, and I took a couple of days off to spend with them, too.  It was really nice to have them around, and they loved seeing Darwin so much.  But, it was also nice to see them go, in a way.  Whatever my conflicted feelings about my parents, now it has this new dimension, where I think “Someday, Darwin will feel like this about me.”  Impossible!  I will never be that annoying mother!  I will never give him any reason to wish me gone!  Certainly not!

Yeah.  Right.

Halloween was also great — no real Trick or Treating, but we did walk around the neighborhood a little bit, since the weather was so beautiful.  Darwin was such a peanut in his costume — I’m still not sure what it is.  A dragon?  A lizard?  An alligator?  Joe’s mom thought it was a caterpillar.  That is definitely wrong.  Who knows. 

He’s getting so much more fun, now that he’s more interactive and walking around and being more like a little person than a little blob. He’s walking like an ace now, and able to bend down and pick things up, stop in mid stride and turn, and all kinds of things that I do every day and never even think about.  It’s amazing to realize that we all had to go through such a steep learning curve, and now things are just second nature.  It’s kind of comforting, in a way.

Now, if he would just sleep until, say, 10am, that would be perfect!

here are a couple photos from all his costume days

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween




Such a lot of food for such a little boy!

Such a lot of food for such a little boy!


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