Have a baby AND renovate a house? Piece of cake!

I grow old, I grow old… January 2, 2009

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It’s a brand new year. And looking back, I realize I am old. The top 5 reasons (in really no particular order) listed below:
5. I find myself before photos saying “Oh, who cares if my hair isn’t brushed” because no one will be looking at ME in the picture anyway, and it’s too much trouble to try and find any hygiene products like a comb, lipstick or clothing without drool.
4. This new year’s eve, I watched the Chicago countdown. Sober.
3. During said countdown, I saw the video of people at the Metro, and was glad I wasn’t there, because it looked too hot, too loud and like there was no place to sit down.
2. I have said, on several occasions, “No thanks. You guys go ahead to the movies. I’d rather just read my book and go to bed early.”
1. I was very excited about a Christmas gift of an electric toothbrush.

Not to mention that I spent more money in 2008 on babyproofing supplies than on beer, I think.

Renovation update — plans approved! We just need receipts to come back from the neighbors and alderman saying they got the letter letting them know that we’re renovating out house, and we can actually knock down some walls!


2 Responses to “I grow old, I grow old…”

  1. Sallie Says:

    Kelly –
    Jen told me about the blog and I have to say, I laugh every time I visit…I hope you and Darwin and Joe are surviving in the burbs – sounds like my personal version of hell, but what do I know?

    Keep in touch and drop me a line if you have time (I know, hilarity)…and yes, I agree with every one of your “old” factors. Except for the drool thing, but that’s just because I’m barren and non-pet owning 🙂


  2. Colleen Says:

    Being old as well, I have to agree that Metro looked like it sucked. Of course, we are the ones who will not go to House of Blues without our own box. Hmmmm……

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